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e-procurement , i.e. electronic procurement for tenders has been introduced in odisha vide Office Memorandum no. 1027 (click 1027 to download the OM) dated 24.01.2009 of works department with the launch of the website .

Provisions in OPWD Code

Clause 3.5.9 speaks :

3.5.9 [Subject to the provision contained in Appendix-XXXIII to the OPWD Code Vol. II] Tenders should invariably be invited publicly in the manner prescribed in Appendix IX to the Code and in paragraph 3-5-10 below for all works given out on, contracts and estimated to cost above Rs 5 lakh except in cases where additional works or items of work have to be undertaken as part of a scheme work for which tenders have originally been invited publicly and which are required to be executed while the work originally undertaken is in progress or for other exceptional reasons.  

From time to time different provisions has been revised or inserted in OPWD Code for calling of tender. Therefore we must update ourself with latest revisions in OPWD Code. Here we are posting below different provisions contained in Appendix VIII and  of OPWD Part II regarding contractors registration rules and instructions regarding calling and acceptance of tenders, cost of tender papers etc.

Financial limit for class of contractors revised vide OM 12905 dated 23.08.2018

Class of Contractors                               Amount

1. Super Class                                       Unlimited

2. Special Class                      Not exceeding Rs. 15.00 Crore

3.  ‘A’ Class                           Not exceeding Rs. 06.00 Crore

4.  ‘B’ Class                           Not exceeding Rs. 03.00 Crore

5.  ‘C’ Class                           Not exceeding Rs. 40.00 lakh

6.  ‘D’ Class                           Not exceeding Rs. 20.00 lakh 

Registration fee for class of contractors revised vide OO 17297 dated 23.08.2005

Class of Contractors                               Amount

1. Super Class                                       Rs. 2,00,000

2. Special Class                                     Rs. 60,000

3.  ‘A’ Class                                          Rs. 30,000

4.  ‘B’ Class                                          Rs. 12,000

5.  ‘C’ Class                                          Rs. 6,000

6.  ‘D’ Class                                          Rs. 3,000 

Security deposit for different class of contractors

Class of Contractors                               Amount

1. Super Class                                       Rs. 10,00,000

2. Special Class                                     Rs. 2,00,000

3.  ‘A’ Class                                          Rs. 80,000

4.  ‘B’ Class                                          Rs. 40,000

5.  ‘C’ Class                                          Rs. 20,000

6.  ‘D’ Class                                          Rs. 20,000 

Renewal registration fee for different class of contractors

Class of Contractors                               Amount

1. Super Class                                       Rs. 50,000

2. Special Class                                     Rs. 20,000

3.  ‘A’ Class                                          Rs. 10,000

4.  ‘B’ Class                                          Rs. 5,000

5.  ‘C’ Class                                          Rs. 2,000

6.  ‘D’ Class                                          Rs. 1,000 

Cost of Tender Paper

Value of Tender                                       Amount

1. Upto Rs. 10,000                                  Rs. 200.00

2. Rs, 10,000-1,00,000                            Rs. 400.00

3. Rs. 1,00,000-2,00,000                         Rs. 600.00

4. Rs. 2,00,000-5,00,000                         Rs. 2,000.00

5. Rs. 5,00,000-10,00,000                        Rs. 4,000.00

6. Rs.10,00,000-50,00,000                       Rs. 6,000.00 

7. More than 50,00,000                           Rs. 10,000.00

Power to Accept tender

Competant Authority                              Amount

1. Administrative Department                   Above 10 crore (                                                                    where there is post of                                                            EIC)

                                                         Rs. 7crore ((otherwise)

2. Engineer in Chief                               Rs.7.00-10.00 crore

3. Chief Engineer                                   Rs. 4.00-7.00 crore

4. Superintending Engineer                      Rs. 1.00-4.00 crore

5. Executive Engineer                             upto Rs.1.00crore

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